Response to Whatever Happened to Radicalism? (Rejected by the Uniter)

A three part discussion series organized by the Winnipeg New Socialist Group.

A three part discussion series organized by the Winnipeg New Socialist Group.

The University of Winnipeg student newspaper, The Uniter, recently chose not to publish this letter. Enjoy!

In her Sept 13, 2012 article from The Uniter Blog, “Whatever happened to radicalism?” Katerina Tefft’s writes about finding some of her mother’s issues of The Uniter from the 1970’s.  Comparing them to The Uniter of today she writes

I was struck by a couple of things: first, the amount of content devoted to covering radical social issues in depth; and second, based on the content, I got the sense that the student movement and student groups at the U of W were far more radical and active back then than they are today. It made me wish I could somehow take the Uniter back in time to when social justice dialogue and discourse were part of the mainstream on campus and not merely on the fringes.

My interpretation of her feelings are that she wishes that the mainstream, the popular consciousness, once again engaged in active discussions, analyses and actions pertaining to social justice issues.  “Whatever happened to radicalism?” -the title question pierces the eyes of the reader: Where did our radicalism go? Where did you put it? Where can we find it again?

Well, to Tefft and all, I too am on board with the quest for a transformative radicalism that pushes for a better world!  If we are serious in this regards, then we must proceed with the utmost respect for ideas, after all, ideas are the things which are radical.

The Winnipeg New Socialist Group (WNSG) is a collective of Winnipeg folks that are keen on exploring radical ideas, criticizing the oppressive status quo, and organizing events that move the struggle aiming for a better world forward.  In the past we’ve brought in speakers, authors,  organized film screenings, but, common to all of these has been the goal to explore radical ideas that the mainstream has wholly written off, such as eventually getting rid of capitalism.  Furthermore, we want to bring people together because we need to have this discussions openly and inclusively. We need to work together.  And so,  in the new year, we are hosting a discussion series to bring people together to talk about radical social issues and to build unity amongst people who want to work towards building a better world– including discussions of what we believe a better world to be!

We invite everyone interested to these discussions:

7-8:30pm-Wed. Jan. 16, 2013.  Idle No More and Confronting Colonialism in Canada.

7-8:30pm-Wed. Jan. 30, 2013. Is an alternative to Capitalism possible?

7-8:30pm-Wed. Feb. 13, 2013. Anarchism, Marxism, and the future of Socialism.

Each of these discussions will be held at Workers Organizing Resource Centre (W.O.R.C.) on 280 Smith St. Mezzanine.

The building is accessible.

Hope to see you there!

Teddy Zegeye-Gebrehiwot

Teddy is both a member of the Winnipeg New Socialist Group and also F(un) Class, a radical student group at the University of Winnipeg (which is open to non students as well), that also aims to build a stronger left at the University of Winnipeg.  Feel free to drop in. We meet in Room 2M74 every Thursday from 1pm-2:15pm.  To check out F(un) Class’s website, click here.


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