Event: March 19, 2013. Close the Gap! End the Cap!

WNSG invites you to attend this round dance on March 19th at the University of Winnipeg.  We are not organizing it but, it is in solidarity with aboriginal students fighting for access to public education.  Furthermore, as with all cuts to public spending for institutions used by the working class, it is yet another opportunity to raise awareness about the neoliberal agenda.  Please attend!

What’s going on: Round dance!
Date: Tues. March 19, 2013.
Time: 12:15pm
Location: University of Winnipeg, Bottom of Escalators
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/360068084101544/?ref=2

Written by yours truly on the F(un) Class Website:

As students in Quebec and around the world continue to fight for a new post secondary educational system, that frees students from the burden of huge debts, that frees students from having to study subjects based on market-demand, and that frees students from undemocratic, ruling-class-centred, distortions of ‘democracy,’ we too must continue the struggle to achieve a better society.  In doing this, however, we cannot lose sight of the way our current system unequally oppresses people since we must ensure that these oppressions of today are not recreated in the ‘solutions’ of tomorrow.


Teddy Zegeye-Gebrehiwot


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