Our Principles

As individuals, we bring a range of perspectives and backgrounds to the organization; as a group, we share a core set of principles, which are listed below.

  • Socialism from below – Our ultimate goal is a socialist society run by regular people, not by an elite group of “experts” — replacing the anonymous people running the show in the corporate boardrooms and state offices with another group that continues to control our lives is no solution.
  • Internationalism– We have more in common with people in other countries than we do with the political and financial elite of Canada, and because of this we oppose imperialism in all its forms: military, economic, or political.
  • Anti-oppression – None of us are free until all of us are free. Support for, and involvement in, genuinely grassroots movements of people oppressed because of their gender, sexuality, age, race, nation or disability is integral to our socialist organizing. It also means being aware of our own actions and constantly striving to challenge oppression in the organizing we do. We work in solidarity with oppressed people who are organizing independently, fighting for dignity, power and self-determination.
  • Anti-authoritarian – Our socialism has no room for authoritarian, top-down methods of organizing society.
  • Ecology politics – Capitalism is an inherently anti-ecological way of organizing society. The incentive to maximize profit leads to the worst anti-ecological excesses in human history. We try and bring our socialist and ecological politics together, and support efforts to create a distinct eco-socialist perspective.
  • Self-determination for indigenous people + Quebec – We support the right of nations to determine their own future, and as such, support the right of self-determination for indigenous peoples and Quebec within the Canadian state, up to and including independence.
  • Workers’ democracy – A genuine workers’ democracy would go far beyond our current model of democracy, to include large organizations made up of and, most importantly, run by workers. These mass organizations would have a radically democratic culture and practice, and would be the model for the socialist society they would help create.
  • Acting out our principles – We try and model our vision of society in how we act. This means that because we believe in the above points, we try and make them part of our personal and political lives, and that we cannot wait for socialism to exist to fight for these goals.
  • Our activism – We believe that everyone who wants real social change should work to build unions, community and campus-based organizations that are militant and highly democratic. In activism, we try to develop grassroots democracy within organizations and solidarity between them.
  • Unite anti-capitalists – We think that everyone who rejects capitalism and agrees on the need to work for change through militant and democratic activism should work together much more than we do now. That doesn’t mean hiding our disagreements, but working together as much as we can.
  • Building the socialist movement – Because we believe socialism is necessary, we want to build a new movement of people fighting for socialism in this country and internationally.
  • Realism and honesty – While socialists have to be idealistic, we must also be realistic. No organization currently exists that meets the needs of the movement (that includes our own). While we should always work towards the kind of organization that’s needed, we must also be fiercely honest about the actual strength of movements, and not delude ourselves or others.

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