EVENT-August 31- Wanna Talk About Socialism in 2016?


7pm.  Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Workers’ Organizing Resource Centre (432 Ellice Ave)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/797759793700521/

Childcare subsidy available with advance notice
(email us at wpg.nsg@gmail.com)

We want to change the world! Where do ideas fit into this?
Come join us for a reading and discussion* in an informal environment with friendly people.  Bring your imaginations, questions, ideas, and explore questions like these:

  • What does socialism from below mean?
  • Is it credible to be a socialist in 2016?
  • Who is the working class and could the Canadian working class transform society?
  • Are we post revolutionary thinking? How does it fit into our efforts today?
  • Why were Stalinist USSR, Maoist China, and other similar societies not socialist?
  • Are revolutions doomed to lead to bureaucratic dictatorships like Stalin’s USSR and Mao’s China?

*Some side effects of participating in a discussion about socialism in 2016 include:
-increased critical thoughts about capitalism, exploitation and oppression

If you want to participate, please drop us a line at wpg.nsg@gmail.com and we will email you a  reading!



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