EVENT: Guest Speaker Alan Sears – “Can Injustice Be Defeated?” Thurs. February 12, 2015. 7pm. THE HIVE.

Update July 17, 2015: See the video of Alan Sears’s presentation below! Thanks to Paul S. Graham for recording it!




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Can Injustice Be Defeated? Join us for a public discussion with guest speaker, Alan Sears.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


The Hive- University of Winnipeg

FREE Admission

Child Care Subsidy Available with Prior Notice

(email us: winnipeg@newsocialist.org)

We live in an era of glaring injustice. The polarization between rich and poor is growing dramatically. Young people look forward to a future of insecurity and crappy work. Rather than working within the frame of indigenous sovereignty, governments are eroding indigenous rights. Migrant rights are declining as increasing numbers are pushed out of their homes by war and economic degradation.  More and more indigenous people and people of colour are being locked up in prisons or shot by cops. Women are facing the burden of declining social services and increased demands at paid work. Violence against women and sexual assault are everyday occurrences.

You don’t need to come to this meeting to find out about these injustices, you already know about them. It is pretty hard not to.  The real question is can we defeat these injustices?  Sadly, most people carry on these days as if there is little that can be done about these injustices, and so focus their energies on trying to get by.

At this meeting, we will talk about possibilities for defeating these injustices.  What would it take?  And what does that mean we should be doing now?

Alan is the author of The Next New Left: A History of the Future and other books. He is a long-time activist for queer liberation and Palestine solidarity, and is a member of Toronto New Socialists.


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